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Posting Bugs - Dodain47 - 10-01-2017

Hello Endrift.  Smile
I got your message about notifying you about the bugs.

Well my plan was to first create an wiki list from A to Z for the user.

Then compare heavy bugs in version 0.6.0 with the latest nightly or even
stable and send the results to you.

Nice knowing that there is an update on the Horizon.

RE: Posting Bugs - endrift - 10-01-2017

Ok, thanks for compiling the list! I just noticed it so I was a bit confused why none of the bugs were getting reported since there were several I hadn't seen before.

RE: Posting Bugs - Dodain47 - 10-01-2017

Right now i´m on a testing marathon. There is a good chance of me completing the wiki by the Weekend.

Edit: Before i forget.
The MGBA Emulator crashes after loading about 7-10 Games in a row.
I have to turn the N3ds off/on and restart the Emulator before playing again.

RE: Posting Bugs - endrift - 10-01-2017

That’s probably due to memory fragmentation. Will be very difficult to fix, sadly.

RE: Posting Bugs - Dodain47 - 10-03-2017

The Gbatemp wiki is down for now.
I intend to write a list with bugs i tested so far and post it on the mgba github page.