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Native Scaling - ShalokShalom - 09-01-2015

Hi there Smile

Is it possible to offer native scaling in mGBA, like the Dolphin does it for GC and Wii games ?

RE: Native Scaling - endrift - 09-02-2015

This isn't really possible on raster systems, due to the fact that all the graphics are pixel-specific already. Only scaled and rotated graphics would appear any different, and that would be a minimal difference.

RE: Native Scaling - ShalokShalom - 09-02-2015

I see, thanks a lot. Smile

Is there any other method, which is suitable to play raster games on large displays ?

I play the games currently on my Netbook, which is fine, while the large TV let the GBA games look very pulpy.

Are the GBA games pixel specific, because the resolution is predefined ?

RE: Native Scaling - tony971 - 09-02-2015

There's always antialiasing but the original resolution is so low that I'm not sure how great it'll turn out.

RE: Native Scaling - endrift - 09-02-2015

Some people use filters like xBRZ, but those aren't implemented yet.