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A few questions on settings - Damned - 09-06-2015

Just downloaded it and have a few questions on the settings.

Am I supposed to leave the "sync to video" option unchecked but the "sync to audio" option checked to avoid screen tear and crackling audio?

Is the "lock aspect ratio" option supposed to output the proper aspect ratio of the GBA (Not the internal resolution, what one would actually see playing on real hardware)?

Should I change the FPS to 59.97 (native) to get more accurate emulation of the frame rate?

Is there no way to define custom paths for now?

Also, for some reason the FPS setting unchecked itself. Bug?

RE: A few questions on settings - endrift - 09-09-2015

Sync to video and sync to audio don't usually play nicely together. I recommend sync to audio only, but you can play with it if you want to see the difference.

The GBA doesn't have a difference between "internal resolution" and "what you actually see" since it's got raster graphics. Lock aspect ratio just keeps the screen 3:2 when the window size isn't 3:2.

59.73 will get you a more accurate framerate (when not using sync to video) but the difference is pretty minimal, except perhaps for speedrunning. The option is there for completeness, mostly.

Custom paths for what? Saves? Not yet, no.

Yeah, that's a bug that I haven't gotten around to fixing yet. It should still be the right value in the emulator, just not shown right in the UI.