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Praise and Questions! - nicodemus - 05-13-2015

Thanks so much for doing this! We are in desperate need of a modern emulator built from the ground up. Also thanks for the early Linux support!

Q1) Is there a gui for the linux version? I seem to only have a CLI command. If I have this right you wrote the GUI in QT, that should make it easy to get going under Linux, yes? For reference I'm on Kubuntu 15.04 using the nightly.

Q2) What anti-aliasing process are you using under Windows, and can I use it under Linux? It seems to wash out the colors and smudge the image a bit, but at least it's an option. Smile

Q3) I'm very much looking forward to filters coming to mGBA, as it's one of the big things that makes me choose to emu over standard play. What do you hope to implement and how likely do you think it is for it to make it into version 3?

Q4) When do you expect v3 to release, roughly?

Thanks again for everything! mGBA is now my goto emu as it performs flawlessly for me, while VBAM does not.

RE: Praise and Questions! - endrift - 05-14-2015

Hi nicodemus! Thanks for trying out mGBA. As it turns out, Linux was planned from the get-go and Windows was an afterthought, so go figure.
  1. The Qt GUI is usable in the Linux version, yes. You need to install the mgba-qt.deb package in the nightly and run it from the command line (mgba-qt) at the moment. I hope to include a .desktop file in 0.3 so that it can be launched from the launcher directly.
  2. Anti-aliasing is just done using OpenGL's bilinear filtering. It's usable in both the Qt and SDL versions (but you need to edit a config file to get it in the SDL version.
  3. Filtering is very unlikely to make it into 0.3 at the moment. I hope to implement a "wash-out" filter (or maybe several), as well as some resampling filters. I'm not too familiar with the algorithms for resampling, so they might not all be available in the first release they're in. They will be user-editable though, using GLSL pixel shaders.
  4. HOPEFULLY in July or so, but more likely August.

RE: Praise and Questions! - nicodemus - 05-14-2015

That sounds great, thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing where the development goes!