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Full Version: mGBA won't read save game files (Gamecube verison)
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I'm currently using mgba-20220105 for the Gamecube and I'm having issues with the save function.

For a test I picked Super Mario world GBA, and created started a new game and progressed to a point where I can save.
It seems to create a save file in the same folder

"Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World (USA, Australia).sav" It's 0 KB size

But whenever I restart my Gamecube it does not detect the save file and just asks me to start a new game. I understand I can use save states but I would like to also not have to rely on that.

Does anyone know a solution to the issue? Idk if you guys are even updating the Gamecube version but I know a lot of people are getting back into modding gamecubes so if possible it would be awesome to see this fixed or a solution to the issue.