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Full Version: Need help with D-pad not working.
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I'm not at all well-versed in these things, so I'm sure I must've done something wrong, but the D-pad on Pizza Boy doesn't work when I start a new game with that new version (my old save from patch 1.1 doesn't work with this patch 1.2).
When I tap the D-pad on the screen nothing happens, but the Start, A, and B buttons work. I haven't changed any settings from their defaults.

The old patch 1.1 save file works just fine. 
For reference, I linked the video where SmithPlays talked about the new patch below.
If I'm doing something wrong, or if you have idea how to fix it, please let me know.
These are the mGBA forums, not the Pizza Boy forums. Pizza Boy is an entirely unrelated project.