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Full Version: I apologize, but I am lost.
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Alright, here is my problem. Again, I apologize, I am positive this has been brought up before. I play on a modded GameCube using Picoboot and Swiss. I have emgba.dol on the root of my sd card. The app works fine, games run fantastic, but my issue is saving. Games will state saves were successful, and a .sav file is even created, but after opening the game again after the system is turned off, the save files aren't there. So, I loaded mgba on my pc, played for 10 minutes, created a save file, moved the save to my gamecube SD card, and booted it up. Cool, the save appears when I open the game. I play for a bit, save, and shut off the console. Upon reopening the game later, the save file is there, but no new data was written to it during my session on the console. It is still where I stopped on pc. I am assuming the gamecube emgba isn't writing new data, and can only read data. That is just my guess. I don't know what to do, and I need help. I am sorry if this was obvious or is a frequent question.
emGBA is not affiliated with mGBA; it's a third party project based on mGBA. I don't think the developer is on these forums, but he is on the gc-forever forums.