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Full Version: mGBA not detecting ps4 controller at all
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So I got this working and I like to play gba games with a controller. So I hook up my Dualsjock 4 controller to my pc with Bluetooth and the drop down menu in the controller mapping section just doesn't open. Guessing that means it just can't see the controller for some reason
For some reason, DS4Windows being installed breaks DS4 support in mGBA. This is probably due to the library mGBA uses for controller support, but I can't really do anything about that. It should work if you uninstall DS4Windows.
Hey man, idk if this gonna help or if its even still an issue, but what I've done that was helpful was using an app to map a Bluetooth controller to the keyboard which should connect to mGBA automatically. Idk if you running MAC, Microsoft, or some other alternative, but the app I use is on the Microsoft store called Antimicro which isn't available via MAC. I've left the link down below, but you can also google it if you ain't trying to open some stranger's link. The key thing is I used a different approach to map the controller to mGBA. I've tried using wired controllers with the Antimicro to no avail, so I recommend Bluetooth. Hope this helps.