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Full Version: [3DS] Is v0.9.1 supposed to perform worse than v0.9.0?
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Just like in my "Is the .CIA supposed to perform better than .3DSX?" thread, this is all ran on an original 3DS as well as my sister's original 2DS tested with the title screen of Pokemon Pinball (the Game Boy Color game) and in-game was tested by just holding the pinball in place with the left flipper on the blue table (easily achieved if you hold both flippers up at the very beginning - the pinball will settle on the left flipper).

And to clarify, these are all with the official stock provided CIA and 3DSX files straight from the website.

________v0.9.0 - CIA_________
~60fps - Title
~56fps - Blue table

________v0.9.0 - 3DSX_______
~58fps - Title
~53fps - Blue table

________v0.9.1 - CIA_________
~55fps - Title
~52fps - Blue table

________v0.9.1 - 3DSX_______
~53fps - Title
~50fps - Blue table

For reference, compiling from the v0.10.0 git also results in performance extremely similar if not identical to v0.9.1. And as a sanity check I also breifly tried v0.8.4 but quickly found that performance was even worse than v0.9.1 (title screen was in the low 50s while the blue table was in the upper 40s) which then ruled out the idea of mGBA getting slower over time as an effect of presumably getting more accurate over time.