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Full Version: how to perform a clean uninstall on Mac?
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Hey guys, first of all I would like to thank all of you for the amazing work you have done with this emulator! However I was wondering if it is possible to delete the app completely from the system. I've messed around with the settings and suffer some display issues as a result. Nothing unfixable but I would like do reset mgba completely and start all over with my evil shader experiments Wink I am actually using a little helper tool called "AppCleaner" to find all files related to an application. In this case unfortunately mgba always remembers all of my previous settings even after I deleted all the files I could find. I found these two folders:

"Library/Saved Application State/com.endrift.mgba-qt.savedState" and "/var/folders/fw/5c9pl8t1497fmgwpqOp9lvvr0000gn/C/com.endrift.mgba-qt"

is there any other file which saves further information about the app or a cleaner way to delete mgba and start all over?

Thanks for helping out with this...
Look in ~/.config/mgba
(02-03-2020, 10:19 PM)endrift Wrote: [ -> ]Look in ~/.config/mgba

Awesome! That did the trick. Thanks for for helping out with this...