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Full Version: My roms doesn't load [please help]
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I have the latest version 0.7.2 I have my roms associated with the emulator, every time I try to start one directly from the rom, it only opens the emulator but never starts. I already tried all the configurations and I already installed all the versions and it's always the same. If I start the game directly from the rom, it only opens the emulator but does not start the game. If I open it directly from the emulator it runs without problems but I can not use it with Launchbox. Thank you very much for your help.
How did you set up the associations? It sounds like there may be something wrong with them.
I used the x64 installer and there I marked all the boxes to associate the files.
I have the exact same problem. I have been playing Pokemon fire red on mGBA then all of a sudden when i try to load it crashes every single time. i have re-downloaded both the emulator and the ROM and it just crashes. I have everything checked when to make the associations and yet it still crashes. So please Mr. Administrator, I cant help but think there is a bug in the 7.2 version of mGBA. If that is the case maybe the developers need to fix it quickly before people go elsewhere.
I also have this problem unfortunatelly :/