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Full Version: [Wii] Freezing/extremely slow system
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Running mGBA on the Wii through the Homebrew Channel, I find that the system hangs a lot and has other odd issues like:

- after exiting a game: hangs for a few seconds to 20 mins to >70 mins before returning to file menu
- write save state: delay of 2 seconds (normal!) to 20 mins

- there seems to be writing above the visible part of the screen.  The first line I can see in the menu is the current location path e.g. "usb:/", then the second line is (up)

- after exiting a game, and the file menu pops up, sometimes it shows me the wrong info.  For example, it shows the path "usb:/GBA_Roms/", but the file/folder list underneath is actually displaying the contents of the root usb directory "usb:/"  Going (up) a level took >10 minutes.  After I re-selected the GBA_Roms folder to select my game, the system hung again for >10 minutes, then showing "usb:/GBA_Roms/" again but still displaying the root directory's contents. Then selecting GBA_Roms again for fun, it system hangs for a few minutes and goes to usb:/GBA_Roms/GBA_Roms, which is a folder that doesn't even exist.

- due to all of this freezing, I rarely exit properly, and it seems like none of my savegames are sticking.

Any tips?  

I have 2 partitions on the usb HDD.  The first one is FAT32 with mGBA and my roms, and the other partition is NTFS because I had a bunch of wii games on it.  Would this be contributing to these errors?  Thanks in advance.

###Edit 1:
Did some more testing and googling.  When using retroarch:  Mother 3 seems to induce this post-close freeze 7 of 7 times.  Riviera did 1 of 2 times.  Mario Tennis I think worked as it should (0 of 4).  Summon night: swordcraft story seemed to work normal (0 of 2).  Is this special to mother 3?  To 32MB games?

Using mGBA by itself, it still seems to hang a lot while exiting for a bunch of games.