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Hello, and a greeting to start! This is my first post here, my name is...not important but you can call me "roracle". Smile
I'm glad to be here and hope I can get some help on my issue.

Okay, so I started doing emulation again and decided to give this a whirl. Here's the problem I'm facing though:

When I go to load a ROM, it doesn't save the location I was last using (/home/roracle/Emulation/GBA/roms/).
So I set up the library directory, and nothing was shown on the screen.
I had to select "Show when no game open" option, so the list showed up finally.
However, when I double click a title, it just sits there like a bump on a log.
Expected behavior: double click a title in the list view and start the game.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.10 (Budgie Desktop, basically a custom Gnome3)

Any help with this would be appreciated!  Thank you!
If you could report this bug on GitHub it'd be the easiest way to help me remember to fix it.