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Full Version: Solved - Config issues - any thoughts?
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I've looked around for a while now, found no relevant answers.  I've got mGBA installed on my laptop - a Linux Mint distro that's built off Ubuntu 16.04.  It'll load up a game just fine, but it doesn't seem to respond to any keys other than apostrophe (which advances 1 frame) and tab (which activates the speedy frame-skipping thing I think SNES9x came up with originally).

I've tried the default keys as listed by [man mgba], I've tried setting up a config file a couple of different ways.  There's no dropdown menus to work with that I can see (despite having seen them in screenshots online), or I'd be fine.  I must admit, not having a GUI config option puts me out of my depth immediately - by Linux user standards, I'm firmly in the camp that needs some hand-holding.

Anyone got some suggestions as to how to get it to accept keyboard input?  I'm probably missing something really dumb and easy, but I'm kinda out of ideas.
What's your keyboard layout? Also, old versions have issues with num lock so try toggling that
Seems numlock was the issue - never would have thought of that one. Thanks!