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Full Version: GBA games have corrupt save data?
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So, I went to play Super Mario Advance 3, and it gave me "Your save data is corrupted." This also happened when I tried to play it on Visual Boy Advance. I have heard that changing the save type might help, but I'm not sure where to go to find the option.
It has happened to me so many times and I have never been able to find a solution, I had to go through the game again Sad

The only option that occurs to me is to look for a saved data on the internet that they have saved right from the part that you kept, but another option does not occur to me

And if you have no other option than to go through the whole game again, use tricks, cheats or gamesharks and once you reach the level that you had left, deactivate them and resume the game again.
This is caused by a bad ROM dump. You need a clean one.

But also, don't reply to a 4 and half year thread where the OP hasn't visited in years.