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Full Version: The 3DS port can't relocate save files and pictures by editing the config file.
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I've tried savegamePath=sd:/mGBA/saves/, then savegameDirectory, then =/mGBA/saves/, a bunch of stuff to no avail. Either it doesn't work, or I've been calling it the wrong thing all this time.
It should be savegamePath, under [ports.3ds], and make sure the directory exists beforehand.
So, savegamePath=sd:/mGBA/saves/ ? Yeah, I've been doing that for many dev releases, including the latest. Under [ports.3ds] and with the folder existing. It doesn't work.
No, not sd:
Then /mGBA/saves/ ? That results in no files being created.
Strange. I can try to take a look when I get home.

E] It looks like I won't get a chance to look at it until Monday at the earliest.
How goes the investigation?
It's fixed now. Try a new build.
The latest build I'm seeing is from 1/5/18, and it's still not creating a save in /mGBA/saves/ .
Hmm, buildbot may be acting up. Wait an hour to see if the new build goes up.

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