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Full Version: mGBA has stopped working
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So when I try to play a .gba rom I get "mGBA has stopped working" and the only way to fix it is run in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode.

Any suggestions as to why this is.

[Image: r7PnkMj.png]
Does this occur with all .gba files, or just the one? I've not seen this before.
All gba files, I've even tried the latest nightly build.
Ok slight progress, If I click Debug it opens Microsoft Visual Studio and the games run great lol.

[Image: nw8J3c6.png]
Any info on the crash provided by Visual Studio, e.g. function names or backtraces?
I got this message, I just click continue and it works fine.

[Image: Gni9KDL.png]
If you could click break, it'll probably give a backtrace. Also see if it reproduces with the latest nightly.
I get this with 0.4.0 and the latest nightly, where do I find backtrace.

[Image: Xnxit7X.png]