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Full Version: Hajimari no Ishi Link option not working properly
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Hi there! I wanted to raise an issue with the multiplayer option on the game Summon Night Craftsword Monogatari - Hajimari no Ishi.

This game features a link option (proabably by link cable) once you beat the first boss. The thing is, when using mgba WITHOUT bios files, I get this message:

[Image: 5iKyKyQ.png?1]

As you can see, connection is not possible, BUT, when using the BIOS files, once both games reach the same screen, the message dissapears:

[Image: 3elePoU.png]

the problem is, I can't move up or down, select any option, or even exit! the game feels like stuck up on that screen and the only thing I can do is either reboot or close it down.

Any idea what might be the problem?

Eagerly waiting for an answer on this issue.

Cheers, Pablitox.