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Full Version: Any thoughts on the Smach z?
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I might be getting one. It sounds like the team for it is working to have emulators run on it also. I'll see what they do with kickstarter this time around, I'd be up for getting endrift one, Wink
I'm a bit skeptical about the device in general, but it looks like it could be good for emulation.
Yes its good for emulation.
(02-03-2016, 07:55 PM)endrift Wrote: [ -> ]I'm thrilled with my Quick Extender Pro results in general, but it looks like it could be good for emulation.

I remember this kickstarter campaign. Did they actually end up producing and delivering the device?
This thing looks cool. Preorders opened last month, and the device is planned to ship in September. There's drama of course, as there always is and always will be, but this thing looks like it'll actually release.
By keeping things secretive, Smach Z's trying to hide their incompetence. Here is part of backers only update which shows they cannot get the correct PCB maker for their boards. Those PCBs shown at Embedded World 2018 were never going to function at all, may as well call them mock ups. Quote from backers only update